Develop a lifestyle that gives you time and energy to do what is really important for you.

  • Your life purpose starts with taking care of your lifestyle

    • Do you want to wake up in the morning full of energy and enthusiasm about your day?

    • Do you want to enjoy your life fully?

    • Do you want to have time to focus on your dreams?

    During our weekend together, you will not only enjoy the nature, yoga, sound healing, hiking and gratifying food, but you will also receive 3 incredible systems that will absolutely produce a life you love when they are fully integrated.


    The goal of the retreat is not to overload you with information, but to give you the tools you will be able to implement in your life immediately.

    Energy Optimization System

    More Enegry

    Do you want to feel fully alive and in the flow from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed?



    There is no way you can achieve the life you desire without having a lot of energy. I help to ignite your internal drive, so you don’t need an outside motivation again.


    Master Schedule System

    More Time

    If you don’t plan your own life, someone else will do it for you.



    Instead of cramming your life in someone else’s planning structure, we will create your perfect master schedule system. We are going to define your needs that fuels all areas of your life and make sure they go into your schedule first.

    Autopilot Happiness System

    More Happiness

    Are you juggling between being happy or successful?


    The good new is that you don’t need to chose. You can have both.

    You will learn how to maximize your focus, clarity and endurance. You will be able transform your life from preoccupation and busyness into a deep sense of well being.

  • 10% of income will be donated to New Direction for Youth

    NDY is a comprehensive youth development agency that provides direct services and programs to more than 3,000 at-risk youth and families annually. NDY has provided critically needed services to more than 200,000 youth, the majority of whom come from very low-income families residing in underserved geographic areas.NDY’s services are provided absolutely free of charge to their clients. Many of these clients cannot be mainstreamed into traditional youth development programs because of a prior arrest, pregnancy, gang affiliation, and/or they cannot afford the dues and fees of other youth organizations. NDY is the only safe haven for many of these troubled young people.
  • Retreat is by invitation only

    We want to make sure that we create a safe environment for your growth and transformation. Thus, before you can get your ticket, let’s schedule a conversation to make sure it is a right fit for you.