• You are the


  • You are here for a reason and that reason is YOU

    Dear friend,


    I am very touched and grateful that you are reading these lines. Welcome to “Creator Matrix” - a place where we deconstruct the busyness of your life and design a life that fuels your dreams on a daily basis.


    I am guessing you are looking for answers...


    • Maybe you are constantly stressed out and want to have a more peaceful life. 
    • Maybe you have begun to realize that external success doesn’t lead to internal joy and happiness.
    • Maybe you are at the point in your life or career where you are ready to make a change. 

    I hear you. I was there. I was that guy - overweight, always tired and stressed out, pretty grouchy and emotionally unstable… I thought my life was OK but I knew that something was missing… I couldn’t figure out what… I was blaming everyone and everything around me until I realized that the only person who is responsible for my life is me.


    My transformation began 10 years ago. All of these years I have been studying life principles, gathering information and testing myriads of tools and techniques to find what we all are looking for - happiness. Now I am ready to share my discoveries with you.


    However, I am not going to give you a secret formula for success. There is no secret. You already have everything you are looking for and my job is to help you to uncover it.

  • You and only you have that perfectly unique combination of gifts and talents and your life's mission is to discover, develop and share them with the world.